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Meet Shang Vang

A brief overview of my background and endeavors: I'm Shang Vang, born in '77, a husband and father of four—three boys and one girl. I've been married since '95. My fascination with pigeons began at a young age, leading me to buy pigeons from a local flyer named Louie De'Maio for a steep five dollars each when I was just twelve. Eventually, I had the opportunity to clean his loft, and in return, I received a pigeon. Fast forward nine years, I was married with a young family, owned a place of my own, and revisited Louie in 1997. That visit marked the beginning of my deeper involvement in pigeon racing. Louie bred a round of youngsters for me, mentored me, and significantly contributed to my understanding of the sport. I'm grateful for his guidance, and may he rest in peace.


After initially flying for two years, I took a break to pursue education. In 2013, I re-entered the pigeon racing scene by joining the Viking Club. By 2020, I had moved twenty miles north of the cities to have open land and build my dream loft. Joining the Royals Racing Pigeon Club for convenience, I formed a joint team with Tony Hang.


Now, let me touch on the reason for my participation in an OLR. Having worked as an Electronic Tech for 20 years, I then spent three years working with the family BBQ business. Although the business thrived, I realized my true passion lay in flying pigeons. Determined to give my full effort to this pursuit, I decided to devote myself entirely to pigeon racing. My house is situated on a ten-acre lot, and I've remodeled my entire racing loft to align with this new venture. I am committed to dedicating all my efforts to host a successful race here in Minnesota.

Summary of my Racing Career.


1st Average Speed “Regular Race”

YB 1st Most Points “Regular Race” Series YB

5x 1st Position YB Series


3rd Champion Loft Young Bird 2014

2nd A race young bird average speed 

4th B race young bird average speed

4th Team score 

1st A & B race average speed

6th Champion Loft Young bird A race 30 Loft 

11th Champion Loft Young bird B race 27 Loft 

4th Team score Young Bird

8th Champion Loft A race Old Bird 

2nd A race Old bird Short 

10th A & B Race old bird Short


No A race YB series

1st Champion bird TCC YB

2nd Champion Loft B race YB

5th Average Speed Old Bird & Young Bird

5th Champion Loft YB TCC

1st & 4th Ace Pigeon TCC

1st Team Score YB

2nd, 4th, & 11th Champion Bird OB

2nd OB Short A Race

3rd OB A & B race

8th OB Overall

2nd Champion Loft A race OB


1st Champion Loft “A” YB

1st Champion Loft YB

2nd Team Score

4th Champion Bird A Race YB

7th Champion Loft B Race

9th Ace Pigeon YB

12th Champion OB B Race

UPR Champion Loft Unirate YB

3x 1st Postion YB Series


3rd Champion Loft YB

5th Champion Loft A Race

8th Champion Loft B race

8th Champion Loft A & B YB

11th Champion bird A race

3rd Champion Loft YB

6th Team Score YB


1st Average Speed “B” YB

1st Champion Bird “B” YB

1st Champion Loft “B” YB

1st Team Score 1st & 4th Ace Pigeon YB

2nd Team Score YB

2nd Champion Loft A Race YB

2nd Champion Loft UPR

2nd, 7th, 13th, 15th, Ace YB All MN

2nd Champion Loft UPR

5th Average Speed A Race YB

5th, 9th, 15th, Champion Bird A Race 2nd Champion Bird A race OB

3rd Old & YB Average Speed Combine A race

8th Overall OB & YB

1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 10th, 12th, 13th, 22nd, Champion Bird


4th(TFL), 5th Average speed YB TCC

1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 10th, 12th, 13th, Champion Bird TCC

1st Champion Loft Twin City Concourse (Out of 32 participating loft)

3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th UPR Ace Pigeon TCC

4th & 8th(TFL) UPR Champion Loft TCC

1st & 8th(TFL) UPR Team Score TCC

18th, 19th Ace YB All MN



5th Average speed 

4th Champion Loft TCC

4th UPR Champion Loft TCC

9th, 10th, 11th, UPR Team Score TCC

2nd Champion Bird TCC Old Bird(TFL)

8th Champion Loft(TFL)

15th Champion Loft 

UPR Champion Loft Old Bird(TFL)

1st Ace Old Bird Middle Distance All MN (TFL)



1st Average Speed YB TCC

8th Champion Bird YB TCC

5th Champion Loft YB TCC

4th & 10th UPR Ace Pigeon YB TCC

2nd UPR Champion Loft YB TCC

2nd UPR Team Score YB TCC

23rd Ace Young Bird All MN

4th Average Speed Old Bird

8th Champion Loft Old Bird 

6th UPR Team Score Old Bird



1st(TFL), and 9th Average Speed YB

3rd Champion Bird(TFL)

4th(TFL) & 9th Champion Loft

4th(TFL), 5th(TFL), 7th, UPR Ace Pigeon

10th UPR Champion Loft 

4th(TFL)  & 6th UPR Team Score 

12, 13th, 17th Ace Young Bird All MN


4th & 5th Average Speed Old Bird

3rd & 4th Champion Bird Old Bird

6th Champion Loft Old Bird

1st UPR Champion Loft Old Bird

UPR Team Score Old Bird

6th & 7th Ace Pigeon Middle Distance All MN Old Birds

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